The beginning of the road….well almost!

I have worked in academia for the last 8 and a bit years. For almost as long as this I have been thinking about doing a PhD. My ideas have been germinating for a long time. A very dear mentor once told me that the nagging idea I had would not go away until until I pursued my PhD. She was right. I wouldn’t call this my life’s work in any way but it is something that I am driven to do. The academic climate has changed significantly during the time I have worked in it. If I want to continue a career in academia then I need to do this, thankfully the drive and passion are there too!

So I now find myself at the start of month 4! I am fortunate enough to be doing this full-time and on a scholarship through the The University of Newcastle with wonderful supervisors. A lot of the literature I read before embarking on this journey talked about the importance of good supervisors, I know I am onto a winner here!

I’m also juggling this with two small children and a partner who are with me for the ride. So far so good. This blog will capture the highs and the lows of this path I am walking, it will sometimes be a brain dump, sometimes a rant, sometimes a reflection on where I am at or what decisions I have made and sometimes it will just be whatever it may be. I’ll aim to include links to useful tit bits that I have read and found along the way.

Happy reading!


One comment on “The beginning of the road….well almost!

  1. sn27 says:

    hey hie!
    I am glad to have landed on your blog!
    Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂
    Wish you great luck.

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