“3 red cars in a row made it quite a good day…..”

I often think of this quote from Mark Hadden’s “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” when the day has gone well or the “….4 yellow cars made it a black day..” when it’s not been such a good day!  Anyway I’m not sure whether I did see 3 red cars in a row yesterday, I didn’t pay too much attention to be honest, but it was quite a good day! So what made it a good day?

Well I felt like I kicked some PhD goals yesterday (small as they might have been) I achieved something- I sent something off to my supervisors for feedback. I completed the first draft of my ethics application (what a steep but enjoyable learning curve that was) and that felt great. I engaged fully with my PhD yesterday and that felt good!

The other things that made it a good day was engaging with the wonderful people around me. I saw a friend who shared a story of embarrassment with me. We laughed together at her faux pas and it made me reflect, yet again, on Brene Brown’s work of vulnerability being linked to connection. As humans we all have a need to connect with others, to do that with meaning and authenticity we have to put ourselves out there and be vulnerable. It’s a risk but well worth it. Life would be less rich if we didn’t.

Today is another good day I think, I’ve had some ‘me-island-time’ this morning to have a coffee and be alone and now the tide is going out and it’s time to rejoin the mainland. My daughter has had a playdate with a kinder friend which involved being a UN peace negotiator and running a cafe!  But before I whinge any more about what I have to do for the rest of the day I will remind myself that I am extremely lucky, I have a wonderful family, I am healthy and I have the luxury of doing my PhD full-time with amazing support.

Have a good day and may you see 3 red cars in a row…..

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