It’s nearly November…

Where did May, June, July, August, September and October go to? Please tell me! It seems that I have blinked and the time has disappeared. Next week I will be 6 months into my PhD. On the one hand I struggle to think about what I have done in those 6 months and on the other when I look at the files and folders in my PhD folder on my computer I know I have produced quite a lot of work. But the nice thing is it hasn’t felt like work to me, it’s been a joyous discovery, learning new things, developing new insights, changing my thoughts and opinions as I go. It’s been a privilege more than anything and a luxury.

What else has happened? Lots! More than I care or want to go into here or perhaps am ready to go into is more an accurate reflection of where I’m at. People told me doing a PhD was a life changing process, they were not wrong.

So today, 1 year after submitting my proposal and application to do a PhD, I received the wonderful email telling me my project had received ethics approval! I felt extremely happy to say the least. All the work of the last few months has paid off. Tonight I got to send out my ethically approved tweets to recruit for participants, and I have to say that was quite a kick. Especially to see my tweets get retweeted by colleagues I hold in high esteem and respect greatly, quite humbling really.

I had a stream of ideas for this post last night as I was falling to sleep and now they all seem to have flown the coop. My brain is fried and tired. A friend gave me free ticks to the movies tonight, I was planning on going but I cannot muster the energy. So I will make tea, put pjs on, and enjoy the feeling of seeing my PhD move forward. One step at a time, this journey will be a long one and I am sure will have some unexpected twists and turns but I AM looking forward to going wherever that maybe. Some days I have to remind myself that it is me that has to make my feet move one foot in front of the other and I am in control of that. I can choose which way my feet go, which fork in the road to take. Sometimes it’s hard to make that choice and not to want to look back, always wondering if you made the right choice, wondering what’s around the corner, what might have been around the corner on the other fork in the road. Oh decisions decisions!

So before October turns into November I will post this, put my pjs on and make tea.